Safety and Security

The safety and security of our tenants, the physical complex and all those who pass through each day is the central focus of our highly trained Security and Life Safety Services team. Our Security Operations Group is responsible for all calls for service and emergencies, in addition to performing general patrol and enforcement duties.

Our Fire and Life Safety programs mandate includes everything related to our fire prevention strategies, floor warden programs and building evacuation plans.

Our Security Technology Group is responsible for our state-of-the-art electronic security infrastructure. This group also provides passcard administration services, along with managing security technologies within our Security Operations Centre.


Security Coverage

The building is supervised by security staff 24 hours per day, 7 days a week. The security office is located in the main lobby of the building, and serves as the central monitoring station of all security and life safety systems. Suspicious and/or criminal behaviour should be reported so that Security may respond effectively.


Security Desk

Phone: 604-682-1954

Contact Tenant Services

Phone: 1-877-977-2262

Email: [email protected]


Security Escorts

‘Safewalk’ is a service provided to our tenants free of charge, upon request. Our security guards are able to provide an escort, at any time of the day, within property boundaries. For example, if you or someone in your office would like to be accompanied to their vehicles in the parkade after hours, contact the Security desk by contacting QuadReal CONNECT.


Medical Emergencies

Emergency: 911

Ambulance: 604-872-5151

Nearest Hospital - St. Paul's Hospital: 604-682-2344

1081 Burrard Street


Life Safety

Fire Warden Program

A comprehensive Fire Warden program has been put together to reduce the impact of building fire emergencies. We offer an annual session to all tenants to review procedures, roles and responsibilities.


For additional information regarding Fire Warden Program, Fire Emergency Response and other policies, procedures and tenant resources, please contact Tenant Services at 1-877-977-2262 or [email protected].


Building Evacuation Drill

An annual Full Building Evacuation Drill is conducted at Park Place. We encourage tenants to participate and follow the directions of their Floor Captains and Fire Wardens. This event is designed to enable building staff and tenants alike, to simulate and practice for the eventuality of a possible building emergency.



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