QuadReal aims to be a global sustainability leader through efficiency, engagement, and innovation. The Park Place management team honour this mission by actively working to decrease energy consumption, increasing diversion rates, and partnering with responsible vendors. Explore our Partnership Profiles to learn more. 

The ecological or environmental footprint represents a valuable tool for Park Place in measuring success and performance. We are committed to environmental excellence, aligned with daily operations and tenant engagement. The environmental sustainability program addresses the following areas, where continuous improvement is applied:

  • Park Place has achieved an impressive 18% reduction in normalized energy consumption by pursuing sustainability projects, which include the installation of heat recovery chillers to recover waste heating energy generated during conventional cooling operations, and completion of building-wide LED lighting upgrade; implementing robust preventative maintenance programs and collecting and monitoring extensive performance data for Smart Building Analytics.

  • Park Place has a comprehensive waste management plan including recycling services for organics, mixed paper and cardboard, plastic and metal containers, soft plastic, clean white Styrofoam, light bulbs and tubes, batteries, soiled paper and napkins, as well as electronic waste

We work to highlight energy conservation and sustainability practices big and small, from recycling and healthy living tips and light bulb choice to participation in Earth Hour and using EnergyStar products and ratings.

Our goal is to leverage our substantial in-house energy efficiency expertise, highlight the achievements at Park Place and provide useful and actionable tips for tenants to take home and make the world a better place.

Energy conservation begins and ends with all of us – the building’s Operations Team and Park Place tenants. Reduced energy use lowers our tenant’s utility costs, reduces Park Place’s environmental impact, increases equipment service life, promotes sustainable building practices within the commercial real estate industry, and ultimately helps Canada meet the Paris Climate Agreement targets. Everyone at Park Place can affect its energy use, and in turn everyone plays a role in helping us achieve our energy targets.

Park Place not only monitors energy consumption internally, it also shares this information in real-time with tenants whose loads are measured with a special energy meter. To know more, or how we manage energy, please contact the Property Management Office through QuadReal CONNECT.